[Samba] Printing from Windows with Kyocera Drivers - which one to use ?

Stefan Malte Schumacher stefanmalte at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 18:19:51 GMT 2009


I just ordered a new Kyocera FS-1030 - no more inkjets - and am currently
preparing the clients and the server for the new printer. Installing the
PPDs on the server was easy but I am unsure which client driver to use. On
the server I am using samba-3.0.9-2.6 and cups-1.1.20-108.31. My current
plan is to install a "Local Raw Printer" in Cups and then let the clients
print with the windows printer drivers supplied by Kyocera. Kyocera uses
three kinds of drivers,  KX, PCL and KPDL. Which one should I use if I plan
to print with the setup described ? As a general question I have always
wondered if the connection between a client and printer in such a setting is
always only unidirectional or if there is a way to get back status messages
from the printer back to the client with SAMBA ? Is there a way to enable
the clients to delete entries from the printer queue ?

Yours sincerely

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