[Samba] FW: Samba and winbind issues

Bryan Celentano bryan.celentano at ultracontrols.aero
Wed Feb 4 14:20:54 GMT 2009

Hi all,


I have a small issue with my current Samba install.  I have installed 3.2.7,
and joined it to my AD domain with security=ADS, I have also built up a
Idmap backend using LDAP.  It all appeared at first to work flawlessly.  I
was doing some bits the other day and wanted to check the group listings, so
I ran "getent group" - This sat at the point after the local users for 5
minutes and then dropped back to the prompt.  So I decided to check wbinfo
-g, which works perfectly.


I then ran the same getent group again but this time had winbind open and
high debugging.  I could see the groups being pulled in and the users
associated, but it was still going even after the getent had dropped back to
the prompt.  It is as if it is reaching a timeout limit.  The strange thing
is, if I do getent group "DOMAIN+group" it shows everything fine.  Also just
to note getent passwd is fine too.


Any ideas would be great, I can supply all the logs you need, but so far no
errors that I can see.





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