[Samba] Low cost additional storage on a Samba server

Michal Dobroczynski michal.dobroczynski at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 11:25:12 GMT 2009

Some of our shares available via Samba come "via NFS" and so far we
had no problems at all, thus I can recommend you that solution (people
have no problems with ØÆÅ characters here). If you are unsure - run
little tests, play with different character supports and then roll the
real solution. You can even use your laptop for that.

On top of that please consider another option - you can just buy a
SATA controller and put inside two 1TB disks (if you wish to have a
nicely working RAID1 for example). A long lasting setup with
redundancy - and with current prices I would consider that affordable,
close to low-cost. The best plus is that you get 1TB of space and you
don't need a drive bay for n-disks in order to have similar capacity.
About TB disks - we have been careful in the beginning, because some
time ago TB disks "were a bit too new" to be used in production
(slight paranoids here). But right now I'm about to install Linux on a
new server with 4x1TB drives.


2009/4/28 Jean-Francois Leblond <jfleblond68 at hotmail.com>:
> Hi,
> At my client, I installed  Samba v3
> on a Linux box (Centos 4) with a NT style domain to act as a file server (about 50 Windows clients).
> It's been running fine for a few years now.
> It's about to run out of disk space.
> I was looking for a low cost solution and came across the low-cost NAS that are available now for the soho market.
> The problem is that some support only smb file access for Linux clients which for my case would be out of the question.
> Some support NFS mounts from Linux host.
> I wanted to have some of your comments on presenting a NFS mounted filesystem on my Samba server to Windows clients. Do you think, I would be looking for trouble ? I'm in a french speaking region so we're using accent. My experience with NFS is a little bit old and I want to make sure I wouldn't loose the french accent or spaces in filenames along the way.
> Of course a direct-attached storage would be a sure thing but I was looking for a lower cost solution.
> Thanks in advance
> JF Leblond
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