[Samba] Low cost additional storage on a Samba server

Jean-Francois Leblond jfleblond68 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 28 03:59:58 GMT 2009

At my client, I installed  Samba v3 
on a Linux box (Centos 4) with a NT style domain to act as a file server (about 50 Windows clients).
It's been running fine for a few years now.

It's about to run out of disk space.

I was looking for a low cost solution and came across the low-cost NAS that are available now for the soho market.

The problem is that some support only smb file access for Linux clients which for my case would be out of the question. 

Some support NFS mounts from Linux host. 

I wanted to have some of your comments on presenting a NFS mounted filesystem on my Samba server to Windows clients. Do you think, I would be looking for trouble ? I'm in a french speaking region so we're using accent. My experience with NFS is a little bit old and I want to make sure I wouldn't loose the french accent or spaces in filenames along the way.

Of course a direct-attached storage would be a sure thing but I was looking for a lower cost solution.

Thanks in advance

JF Leblond

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