[Samba] Some questions about Samba and LDAP

miguelmedalha at sapo.pt miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Sun Apr 12 15:25:27 GMT 2009

>> You can try LAM, LDAP Account Manager, a web interface to LDAP directories.
>> It has a samba-specific section that lets you create and administer samba
>> accounts.
>> It resides here:
>> http://lam.sourceforge.net/
> That is a great tool and I use it as my main administration tool for
> my samba accounts, however  this usage would depend on how many users
> are in the ldap. I mean don't you have to add the samba accounts one
> by one for each user? If there are more than 20 users in the ldap this
> will be a lot of work..

You can create an example/standard user with LAM and then export the  
user to a LDIF file. It will contain the attributes for a new user.  
With a common text editor, edit and expand the file. Use copy/paste to  
replicate the basic entries and modify what will be different, such as  
usernames. Import the new LDIF to the directory. You can also create  
several LDIF files according to group, etc.

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