[Samba] Occasional loss of connection between Windows clients and Samba under stress

Brebner, Gavin gavin.brebner at hp.com
Fri Apr 10 12:30:41 GMT 2009

Problem seen on more than 1 server, and more than 1 client type.

Windows clients = Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP sp3.

Samba = 3.0-25b or 3.2.3 (clustered)

My clients connect ok, and I have no problems with basic operations - copying files etc. However, if I run applications in a cygwin
environment that create decent stress e.g. writing a 1GB file with iozone - I get a failure with 'no route to host or network' reported.
I've a perl script that hits similar issues - multiple processes run creating files, and some - but not all - of the processes tend to hit
an issue that stops the process opening a file. Generally, the share remains accessible, but sometimes it gets listed as disconnected
and I need to disconnect and re-mount.

I'm guessing this is somehow a bad reaction to a slow response. Is there a timeout
I could experiment with ? Anyone else seen this  ? Debug suggestions ?



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