[Samba] Allowing Squid to Authenticate to Samba 3 acting as a PDC.

Adam McCarthy zeroonetwothree at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 10:56:06 GMT 2008

I know this has been done before, but all the guides I find online
seem to tell you how to join Squid to a ADS domain, but many claim it
should still work in a Samba3 run domain.

I have tried various Google results and no guides seem to work.

Is there some known howto that definatly works in this situation?

Most guides that I found seem to be outdated and the commands no
longer work at times.

>From what I did manage, I just got Samba on the Squid machine saying,
"Host not configured to be a member server".

If I try net join, it's just cannot get password trust or something to
that nature.

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