[Samba] winbind passwd entries in solaris

Alexandr Miasnikov asp at pskov.mts.ru
Fri Oct 31 07:51:13 GMT 2008

I configured samba and winbind to connect to active directory,
and I want to use it in login sessins. In SOLARIS10

I tried to configure in pam.conf
pam_krb5.so module
pam_winbind.so module

BUT in /var/adm/message I see
sshd[1003]: [ID 800047 auth.error] error: PAM: User account has expired 
for user from pc00230.usr.domain.ru

I found that getent passwd entries in Solaris and Linux are different

solaris passwd entry:
#getent passwd user

winbind entry:

Help please with samba configuration.


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