[Samba] Samba + LDAP - Any way to create username alias?

Andrei Mikhailovsky mlists at arhont.com
Tue Oct 14 17:22:32 GMT 2008

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there is anyway to create username alias for Samba +
LDAP setup? I have a rather large number of long usernames (20+
characters) in my Samba + LDAP setup, which seems to be incompatible
with Vista SP1. Is there a way to create username aliases so that the
user can login with alternative usernames as well as with the long

The reason for this complication is that cyrus imap service requires the
usernames to be in form of username at domain in order to distinguish which
domain the username belongs to. This makes the usernames rather large
for Vista SP1. So I would like all Windows clients to login to domain by
using just their usernames without the "@domain" part.

Anyone have any ideas how can this be done with Samba + LDAP?


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