[Samba] Profile loading/saving on gigabit network only runs at fast ethernet speeds! Help!

Jonathan Bougher jonathanbougher at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 16:45:09 GMT 2008

Ouch - insane is not what I was going for, hahaha jk. I just hoped that the
gigabit speeds would better support a larger profile.

If I was getting the full DL/UL speeds for profile transfer it would not be
such an issue because it would only take about a minute and a half.

But I see your wisdom Charles because the profiles can definitely grow much
larger and sooner or later I would be stuck once again...it's just those
dang big VM files!!!


The VM's are actually just the VM Files that VMware Server uses to load the
Virtual OS. The students created their own VM's with Vmware Server and they
need to use them periodically (they can screw them up, wehatever they want,
it is a learning environment & then they can rebuild).

The Desktops are running a locally installed WinXP Pro and use the Samba
Server as PDC. The VM files themselves are the big problem here because they
run about 3 GB's - and each student must have his/her own.

I don't fully undertand you solution, but I did pick up on the fact that I
could create a local directory on the client machines in which users could
house their VMs. This would be a great Idea, but the only downside is that
it would limit their mobility.

I do not mind working around this issue in some way, and I really appreciate
all the help so far! In a perfect world however, I would like to diagnose
the issue with the speeds. Why is it that profile loading/saving is SO much
slower than other data transfer? Mabey I am missing something as far as how
profiles are copied/saved. Could someone clue me in and help me work out a
way to speed it up, or else then I will take one of the other routes

Thanks so much!


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