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Thu Nov 13 10:36:26 GMT 2008

Hi Alex, hi Charles, hi others,

Thank you for your answers.

A little aside

(I want to say that) if Microsoft provided people with:
- a great documentation about its "profile" concept
- and also, about its registry (name, use and possible
  values of the various keys)
it would prevent me (and others) from modifying the
registry in a hazardous way.
Having said that, learn that my laptop being new, I
can reinstall it if I happen to do something very wrong
with my registry.

For example, the key "State" in every profile:
it can have various values meaning specific things (I guess)
but I didn't manage to find the documentation for it
The only little bit of information I found is on that
web page:


And it is totally insufficient.
I can do nothing with it.

Just to try to agree on what I mean when I talk about
"(Windows) profiles"

To me, a (Windows) profile is a set of specific 
settings concerning both:
- the various executables installed on the machine
  (for example: having a google toolbar in your web browser, 
	             having certain settings for your email client, ...)
- and also the operating system "itself"
  (for example: having a particular background image 
	             on your desktop, having certain settings for your 
	             folders display, having certain environment variables
	             set to particular values, ...).
Ok? Do we agree on that approximative definition?

Just to try to be "straight" about my problem...

As I said, I alternately log on my computer running XP
- HOSTNAME\lmhelp
- or as DOMAINNAME_1\lmhelp
- or even as DOMAINNAME_2\lmhelp
(not at the same time).

With XP, in the three cases, I do manage to work with
the same settings (the same profile as described above).

Charles' links
Thank you, I read both of them.

First link:
(XP Local User Profiles in a domain environment)

It is not about Vista.
And also, it doesn't solve the problem I evoke.
I just noticed, pardon me, a kind of "approximation" in
what is being said:

"Domain profile is like this 'username.domainname'
whereas local profile is known only by the user name".

    That is not generally true.
    When I logged on as "DOMAINNAME_1\lmhelp",
    a specific directory "C:\Users\lmhelp.DOMAINNAME_1" was created.
    But, modulo the registry change I did (cf. the end of my last post), 
    when I go to "System -> Advanced -> User Profiles", the profile 
    "DOMAINNAME_1\lmhelp" is said to be local.
    Apparently "domain profile" and "local profile" are not
    antinomic notions, contrary to what is said in the link.

Second link
(Cached domain logon information)

This is interesting but is not exactly the problem I have 
because when my laptop is not part of the domain "DOMAINNAME_1",
I do not try to log on as "DOMAINNAME_1\lmhelp".
I log on to my local machine as "HOSTNAME\lmhelp".

To Alex
> [...] the two domains you're logging on to trust each other [...]

I'll try to understand what it means.

> Whatever you've managed to make XP do, I'm pretty sure
> it isn't a Microsoft-supported configuration - unless
> someone else here knows better?

Possibly, but with XP I've never had any problems with
that. On the contrary, it completely sastified me 
(apart from the fact I whish I didn't had to use Windows
operating systems...).

Again, thanks for your contributions and for the time you
dedicate to my problem.
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