[Samba] Vista - Profile - Local

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Thu Nov 13 19:17:28 GMT 2008

On 11/13/2008 5:36 AM, lmhelp wrote:
> Hi Alex, hi Charles, hi others,
> Thank you for your answers.

It would be much easier to continue this discussion if you would follow
the standard/accepted quoting methods...

> For example, the key "State" in every profile: it can have various
> values meaning specific things (I guess) but I didn't manage to find
> the documentation for it The only little bit of information I found
> is on that web page:
> <snip>
> And it is totally insufficient. I can do nothing with it.

So don't try... you are trying to micro manage something that doesn't
need and was never intended to be micro managed by end users...

> Just to try to agree on what I mean when I talk about
> "(Windows) profiles"

<snip> unnecessarily complicated description...

I can simplify it even more...

It is just a collection of User specific settings, generally tied to a
certain user account and OS version.

> As I said, I alternately log on my computer running XP
> as:
> - HOSTNAME\lmhelp
> - or as DOMAINNAME_1\lmhelp
> - or even as DOMAINNAME_2\lmhelp
> (not at the same time).

1. You can always logon to the LOCAL (HOSTNAME\) user account (unless
the local admin had specifically prevented it).

2. Your computer can only be joined to one domain at a time.

So, you wouldn't be able to do #3 unless you unjoined Domain1 and joined

Now, you *could* simply have a LOCAL account, and make sure there are
identical user accounts (the name should be the same) in both domains,
and make sure the passwords for all of them are identical... then you
should be able to access domain resources without any trouble, all using
the same local profile...

Maybe this is what you meant?

> (XP Local User Profiles in a domain environment)
> It is not about Vista.

No, but the principle is the same... here is a link that tells you all
you should need to know about Vista Profiles in a domain environment:


> "Domain profile is like this 'username.domainname'
> whereas local profile is known only by the user name".
>     That is not generally true.

That was just a comment by one of the early posters in that thread...
try reading the entire thing... the way it really works is spelled out
in detail in one of the follow-up posts in that thread/link...

Anyway, I'm not a fan of (nor do I use) Vista, and have zero experience
with it in a domain environment, so the above link is about all I can


Best regards,


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