[Samba] Samba Domain Crontroller migration

Rafael Santos rafael at games.com
Thu Jun 26 13:15:55 GMT 2008

My actual server is a Samba-3 PDC with a non-LDAP backend, using 
smbpasswd. It has users shares and profiles on it.
Migrating from a old server to a new server what steps?

- Keep users and machines (copy smbpasswd file to new server? useradd 
and groupadd again?)
- Keep profile and share permissions

Make the old server as BDC is the best way?
What steps to do that without desktop users interaction?


*Rafael Santos

John Drescher escreveu:
>> Somebody can send an example of a smb conf implementing a complete and
>> tested Samba PDC (Domain Controller) with file sharing (user permission),
>> print server, roaming profile (desktop and my documents).
>> Users desktops in lan are only Windows XP sp2.
> Copy the smb.conf file from the old machine to the new. That would be
> the best example to start with...
> Since you did not mention anything about your setup it would be
> difficult to give you any specifics.
> For example I have a PDC, that uses LDAP (does not have to have an
> ldap sever locally) and has no user shares on it. To move it I copy
> the smb.conf file from the old PDC make the old the BDC (in smb.conf)
> and set the domain sid on the new to be the same as the old and then
> change the PDC entries in the DNS server and I am done. Since all of
> the shares are on domain member servers there are no permissions
> changes or any changes with profiles.
> John

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