[Samba] Samba Domain Crontroller migration

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 21:14:39 GMT 2008

> Somebody can send an example of a smb conf implementing a complete and
> tested Samba PDC (Domain Controller) with file sharing (user permission),
> print server, roaming profile (desktop and my documents).
> Users desktops in lan are only Windows XP sp2.
Copy the smb.conf file from the old machine to the new. That would be
the best example to start with...

Since you did not mention anything about your setup it would be
difficult to give you any specifics.

For example I have a PDC, that uses LDAP (does not have to have an
ldap sever locally) and has no user shares on it. To move it I copy
the smb.conf file from the old PDC make the old the BDC (in smb.conf)
and set the domain sid on the new to be the same as the old and then
change the PDC entries in the DNS server and I am done. Since all of
the shares are on domain member servers there are no permissions
changes or any changes with profiles.


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