[Samba] roaming user profiles do not transfer all settings

Mike Eggleston mikeegg1 at mac.com
Mon Jun 9 18:16:18 GMT 2008

On Mon, 09 Jun 2008, Gary Dale might have said:

> Leandro Tracchia wrote:
> >this may sound like a basic question but i'm not entirely sure how
> >roaming profiles work so i'm not sure if i have it working properly. i
> >created a local user account on a client machine and then joined that
> >machine to the domain. i then logged in as domain administrator and
> >copied the user profile from the local machine to the server. if i
> >login with this user account (now the domain account) from another
> >machine, i can see the files that are supposed to be there but
> >everything else like the wallpaper, shortcuts, and windows styles are
> >not correct.... is roaming profiles supposed to work like this??? or
> >are you supposed to have the EXACT user settings no matter what
> >machine you log onto???
> >  
> There is no need to copy the profile to the server. This happens 
> automatically IF you've done the configuration correctly.  I believe all 
> you need is to have something like this in your smb.conf:
> [profiles]
>        path = /home/samba/profiles
>        read only = No
> where path is the parent directory for your profiles.
> I think John Drescher may be incorrect in his description of shortcuts. 
> The shortcuts are normally relative to the machine, so you need to 
> install the application in the same path on all the machines you wish to 
> run it on. If the application hasn't been installed on a machine, you 
> can't run it.
> -- 

My current settings for profiles are:

	comment = Roaming User Profiles
	path = /etc/samba/profiles
	browseable = Yes
	writable = Yes
	read only = No
	guest ok = Yes
	hide files = /DESKTOP.INI/Desktop.ini/desktop.ini/ntuser.ini/NTUSER.*/Thumbs.db/
	#store dos attributes = Yes
	create mask = 0600
	directory mask = 0700
	#printable = no
	csc policy = disable

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