[Samba] roaming user profiles do not transfer all settings

Gary Dale garydale at rogers.com
Mon Jun 9 18:05:08 GMT 2008

Leandro Tracchia wrote:
> this may sound like a basic question but i'm not entirely sure how
> roaming profiles work so i'm not sure if i have it working properly. i
> created a local user account on a client machine and then joined that
> machine to the domain. i then logged in as domain administrator and
> copied the user profile from the local machine to the server. if i
> login with this user account (now the domain account) from another
> machine, i can see the files that are supposed to be there but
> everything else like the wallpaper, shortcuts, and windows styles are
> not correct.... is roaming profiles supposed to work like this??? or
> are you supposed to have the EXACT user settings no matter what
> machine you log onto???

There is no need to copy the profile to the server. This happens 
automatically IF you've done the configuration correctly.  I believe all 
you need is to have something like this in your smb.conf:

        path = /home/samba/profiles
        read only = No

where path is the parent directory for your profiles.

I think John Drescher may be incorrect in his description of shortcuts. 
The shortcuts are normally relative to the machine, so you need to 
install the application in the same path on all the machines you wish to 
run it on. If the application hasn't been installed on a machine, you 
can't run it.

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