[Samba] Home Lan computer browser(s)

Skip Guenter sguenter at austin.rr.com
Wed Jun 4 05:42:07 GMT 2008

Reading this list makes me think my questions are child's play for ya'll.

*/1) //Should I have more than one "computer browser" on my lan /*/(~16 

I'd read someplace that I should have 1 primary and 1 backup computer 
browser for up to 32 computers and then another backup browser for each 
additional 32 computers.  IF this is true then I'd still like to know 
how to do this now that I only have 1 winXP machine that I can muck 
about with but two samba candidates available.  I would assume at this 
point that I'd have to set the winXP machine to NOT be a 'browser'.  I'd 
then need to use the below parms on the two samba machines, with some 
different settings to have them perform this function.

  os level = nnn (0 to 255)
  preferred master = yes/no
  domain master = yes/no
  local master = yes/no

My problem is I'm not sure how the settings should vary from "primary" 
to "backup".  To have one of the samba machines be primary (let's say 
the machine I'm calling C20) would these parms work:

/*2) If so, can you help me with these settings? */

C20... the primary computer browser?

os level = 36
preferred master = yes
domain master = yes
local master = yes

Then on C19... the backup computer browser?

os level = 35
preferred master = ??
domain master = ??
local master = ??

I think this would make C20 "win an election" but would this make them 
both win an "election" over the winXP machine should one come on-line 
with computer browser set on?  Are there better settings and / or are 
some of these not needed for my little world?

Thanx, Skip

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