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Michael Heydon michaelh at jaswin.com.au
Wed Jun 4 06:44:39 GMT 2008

Skip Guenter wrote:
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> */1) //Should I have more than one "computer browser" on my lan 
> /*/(~16 machines)/*/?/*
> I'd read someplace that I should have 1 primary and 1 backup computer 
> browser for up to 32 computers and then another backup browser for 
> each additional 32 computers.
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Do you know where you heard this? I've never heard of it and it seems 
wrong. As I understand it there is only the master browser role there is 
no concept of a "backup", in the event that the master goes down there 
is a new election and a new master is chosen. In any case 32 users is 
ridiculous there are people out there supporting thousands of users, I 
can guarantee they don't have one server per 32 users.

>  os level = nnn (0 to 255)
>  preferred master = yes/no
>  domain master = yes/no
>  local master = yes/no
All of these are fairly well explained in the man page.

OS level should be higher for the more reliable/important machine *IF* 
you have a reason to change it, the defaults will be fine for 99% of cases.

Preferred master use this if it is important that one machine is the 
master (i.e. if you have a domain) don't set it on more than one machine.

Domain master is only needed if your network spreads across multiple 
subnets. You should only have one per workgroup/domain.

Local master this is only really needed if you have a machine that you 
definitely don't want to be in charge of anything, otherwise the default 
of yes is fine.

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