[Samba] problem upgrading 3.0.23->3.0.26

Helmut Hullen Hullen at t-online.de
Wed Jul 30 21:07:00 GMT 2008

Hallo, Linda,

Du (samba) meintest am 30.07.08:

>> The actual version is 3.0.31 - I had some trouble with versions
>> below 3.0.29 (and much trouble with 3.0.23 ...)

> 	Thanks for the info...maybe my sup^h^h^hrepository is not as
> up-to-date as it should be.  I've no problem upgrading to new ver...I
> could try installing the samba from SuSE11, but  SuSE is bad about
> adding excess package dependencies. They tend to make one package
> dependent on "the world" (hyperbole)....so upgrading to samba from
> suse11...well lets see what it says...

> Yup (**I feel a rant coming on...warning...sanity in question**):

> share/suse11/i586# rpm -Uhv --test samba-3.2.0-22.1.i586.rpm
> samba-client-3.2.0-22.1.i586.rpm


with subdirectories also for SuSE 10.3

But I've seen there only Samba 3.2 - nothing like Samba 3.0.31.

Viele Gruesse!

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