[Samba] "posix locking = no" - is it dangerous?!

Miguel Da Silva - Centro de Matemática mdasilva at cmat.edu.uy
Wed Jul 30 00:09:55 GMT 2008

Dear users, I'm asking myself... what if I use "posix locking = no" to  
a share in a Samba server?!

Here goes 3 URL's describing the some problem I have right now:


The last one suggest a patch to the kernel code, but I do not want to  
touch anything at such level. I've been testing some "locking" options  
and could realize that "posix locking = no" brought me an work around  
to this problem.

But here comes a very serious issue: data consistency. And also, what  
kind of negative impacts could affect the server?!


Miguel Da Silva
Administrador Junior de Sistemas Unix
Centro de Matemática - http://www.cmat.edu.uy
Facultad de Ciencias - http://www.fcien.edu.uy
Universidad de la República - http://www.rau.edu.uy

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