[Samba] domain user part of unix group problem

Elvar elvar at elvar.org
Wed Jul 23 08:18:28 GMT 2008


I'm trying to allow a specific windows user to be able to access a samba 
share which points to the /var/log/squid directory on my squid proxy 
server and read the access.log files there. The permissions on the 
access.log file are below...

-rw-r-----  1 squid squid  17M Jul 23 02:59 access.log

Now, I've tried adding the name of the domain users account to the unix 
group "squid" but I'm still getting access denied errors. If I chmod 644 
the access.log then the windows user can read the file fine but I'm 
trying to avoid 644 and stick to 640.

If I 'chown squid:"Domain Admins" access.log' then the user can also 
access it that way but again, I'd prefer to keep it squid:squid. How is 
it that I can successfully make the domain user read the access.log file 
successfully as a member of the unix group "squid" with the permissions 
listed above?

Winbind is functioning properly and all of the standard tests succeed 
such as "wbinfo -g, wbinfo -u" etc.

Kind regards,

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