[Samba] Security tab is no longer available in Windows clients.

Miguel Da Silva - Centro de Matemática mdasilva at fing.edu.uy
Thu Jul 10 16:12:21 GMT 2008

Miguel Da Silva - Centro de Matemática wrote:
> Dear users, some days ago a user of the local network told me that she 
> was not able to change ACL's through Windows. I've done some tests and 
> indeed, when I right click a file/folder that is on the Samba server, 
> the "Security" tab is no longer available. It does appear when I 
> right-click any local file.
> The clients are running Windows XP Professional SP2 and the Samba server 
> is being running on a Solaris 10 system. The system is already using ACL.
> Any suggestion?!
> Greetings.

I could track the problem down. It seems the option "protrocol LANMAN2" 
was causing te problem.

Does any one know more what this does?

Miguel Da Silva
Administrador Junior de Sistemas Unix
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Facultad de Ciencias - http://www.fcien.edu.uy
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