[Samba] Comment from a Samba user

David Outteridge dajo at frii.com
Thu Jul 3 21:52:53 GMT 2008

The following post was made today.

> Hallo, Lucia,
> Du (lucia.frika) meintest am 03.07.08:
> > Hola, tengo un servidor con samba, openldap y bind9 pero no puedo
> > pinguear una maquina por el nombre, si por la ip.
> That sounds like a misconfigured firewall. That's no samba problem.
> Viele Gruesse!
> Helmut

The point I should like to make is that the statement
    "That sounds like a misconfigured firewall."
may be HUGELY useful to the recipient.

When a prospective Samba user (or the prospective user of any other
piece of complex software that interfaces with other complex software)
is struggling to find out *his* installation
mistake/misunderstanding/etc., a comment such as the one above can be
all that is needed for enlightenment.

In the two or three days that I have been subscribed to this list I
have seen posts where the unfortunate poster had been banging his head
against a problem for, in one case, eight hours, in another case
thirteen hours.  I do not remember if these particular people received
responses, and I have deleted the mailings.  But I know from past
experiences of lists that posters of "obvious" or other "trivial"
problems often are ignored.  In the case above, the poster was not
ignored; and he may not have realised that he was looking in the wrong

The above is the comment; but in the interest of straightforwardness I
acknowledge that I have an axe to grind.  I am a Samba user who has no
wish to become a Samba expert.  And I have what appears to me to be a
problem with fairly clear data and, probably, a simple repair.  But I
do not know what that repair is.  I am confident that many subscribers
to this list can make good guesses as to what is wrong.  But I have
had no reponse to my posting; which is frustrating.


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