[Samba] Make Test on Samba 3.2.0

David Eisner deisner at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 16:06:03 GMT 2008

With Samba 3.0.x, I would:

1. configure
2. make
3. make test
4. make install (if all went well)

When I do a 'make test' with Samba 3.2.0, though, I eventually run
into problems like this:

RUNNING TESTS testparm_s3
Testing netbios name (0)
Load smb config files from
params.c:Parameter() - Ignoring badly formed line in configuration file: netbios
map_file: Failed to load /usr/local/samba/samba-3.2.0/lib/valid.dat -
No such file or directory
creating default valid table
Loaded services file OK.
ERROR: lock directory /usr/local/samba/samba-3.2.0/var/locks does not exist
ERROR: pid directory /usr/local/samba/samba-3.2.0/var/locks does not exist

Ignoring for the moment the "badly formed line" in the smb.conf.tmp
generated by the test harness, I see that it's looking to the install
directory for files that won't be there until I do a make install.  Is
this a bug, or is it simply no longer possible to test Samba in-place
before installing it?



David Eisner http://cradle.brokenglass.com

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