[Samba] Make Test on Samba 3.2.0

Michael Adam ma at sernet.de
Fri Jul 4 20:14:35 GMT 2008

Oh, thanks for reporting.
Metze has also pointed this one out to me.

As you noted, it will work without complaints when you 
do "make install" before "make test". 

It is a bug and I am going to fix it.

The problem is that these new testparm_s3 tests call the testparm
binary, which uses the compiled in defaults for lock dir and so
on to set up locking and logging and so on. I did not notice
these problems in time since I only ran make test from a build
dir where I had previously done make install.

If you care, you might open a bugzilla entry (assigned to
obnox at samba.org) or/and of course provide a patch. 

The plan would be to extend testparm so that one can completely
bypass the lockdir etc from compiled in defaults.
Or rewrite the testparm_s3 tests in C to not call testparm...

I need to think about that....

Cheers - Michael

David Eisner wrote:
> With Samba 3.0.x, I would:
> 1. configure
> 2. make
> 3. make test
> 4. make install (if all went well)
> When I do a 'make test' with Samba 3.2.0, though, I eventually run
> into problems like this:
> RUNNING TESTS testparm_s3
> Testing netbios name (0)
> Load smb config files from
> /home/david/build/samba-3.2.0/source/st/lib/smb.conf.tmp
> params.c:Parameter() - Ignoring badly formed line in configuration file: netbios
> map_file: Failed to load /usr/local/samba/samba-3.2.0/lib/valid.dat -
> No such file or directory
> creating default valid table
> Loaded services file OK.
> ERROR: lock directory /usr/local/samba/samba-3.2.0/var/locks does not exist
> ERROR: pid directory /usr/local/samba/samba-3.2.0/var/locks does not exist
> Ignoring for the moment the "badly formed line" in the smb.conf.tmp
> generated by the test harness, I see that it's looking to the install
> directory for files that won't be there until I do a make install.  Is
> this a bug, or is it simply no longer possible to test Samba in-place
> before installing it?
> Thanks.
> -David
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> David Eisner http://cradle.brokenglass.com
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