Samba 3.2.0 for Ubuntu Hardy (was Re: [Samba] [ANNOUNCE] Samba 3.2.0 Available for Download)

Pau Garcia i Quiles pgquiles at
Wed Jul 2 09:49:24 GMT 2008

Quoting Christian Perrier <bubulle at>:

> Quoting Pau Garcia i Quiles (pgquiles at
>> Quoting Karolin Seeger <ks at>:
>>> Release Announcements
>>> =====================
>>> This is the first stable release of Samba 3.2.0.
>>> Please be aware that Samba is now distributed under the version 3
>>> of the new GNU General Public License.  You may refer to the COPYING
>>> file that accompanies these release notes for further licensing details.
>> Thanks!
>> Ubuntu Hardy packages are available from my PPA:
> Are these some official work made under the umbrella of Canonical?


> (being hosted on Launchpad, which is well known to be Canonical
> (non-free) baby, makes this fairly non obvious whether this is an
> individual work or if it's related to official releases of Ubuntu....I
> doubt that there will be an official 3.2 package for Hardy, though)

I'm using the Launchpad Personal Package Archive, which is a  
well-known service for unofficial packages:

> Are these based on the current packaging of Samba 3.0.* series for
> various Ubuntu flavours?


> Are these based on the work done by Debian maintainers and currently
> sitting in Debian experimental?

Yes. It's based on the 3.2.0rc2 packaging from Debian you do. Look at  
the changelog :-)

> For those who care and want some kind of official packages, there will
> be Debian packages when they're ready. Certainly not as fast as they
> are SuSe packages, mostly because Debian maintainers are not paid for
> the work they're doing and have to do their work on their free time,
> but these packages will come and will be announced.
> We might be late because we have to decide whether we prepare packages
> for the upcoming "lenny" release of Debian. A main blocker could be
> GPLv3 as it has some impact on packages that are built against
> libsmbclient (such as KDE packages).

I prepared those packages for my own use. They are 100% unofficial and  

The reason I build them and make them available from Launchpad is very  
simple: it's easier to me to make them publicly available from my PPA  
than to scp them to each and every machine I want to install them. I'm  
lazy, I know :-)

Pau Garcia i Quiles
(Due to my workload, I may need 10 days to answer)

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