Samba 3.2.0 for Ubuntu Hardy (was Re: [Samba] [ANNOUNCE] Samba 3.2.0 Available for Download)

Christian Perrier bubulle at
Wed Jul 2 05:23:42 GMT 2008

Quoting Pau Garcia i Quiles (pgquiles at
> Quoting Karolin Seeger <ks at>:
>> Release Announcements
>> =====================
>> This is the first stable release of Samba 3.2.0.
>> Please be aware that Samba is now distributed under the version 3
>> of the new GNU General Public License.  You may refer to the COPYING
>> file that accompanies these release notes for further licensing details.
> Thanks!
> Ubuntu Hardy packages are available from my PPA:

Are these some official work made under the umbrella of Canonical?

(being hosted on Launchpad, which is well known to be Canonical
(non-free) baby, makes this fairly non obvious whether this is an
individual work or if it's related to official releases of Ubuntu....I
doubt that there will be an official 3.2 package for Hardy, though)

Are these based on the current packaging of Samba 3.0.* series for
various Ubuntu flavours?

Are these based on the work done by Debian maintainers and currently
sitting in Debian experimental?

For those who care and want some kind of official packages, there will
be Debian packages when they're ready. Certainly not as fast as they
are SuSe packages, mostly because Debian maintainers are not paid for
the work they're doing and have to do their work on their free time,
but these packages will come and will be announced.

We might be late because we have to decide whether we prepare packages
for the upcoming "lenny" release of Debian. A main blocker could be
GPLv3 as it has some impact on packages that are built against
libsmbclient (such as KDE packages).

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