[Samba] Weird Problem with 2000 and XP

Hodges Steve-PT1273 Steve.Hodges at motorola.com
Wed Jan 16 00:47:47 GMT 2008

Running RHEL Workstation 3 and samba works for the most part, but
Windows 2000 boxes from the dos prompt get an error when they run dir
\\linuxserver.mydomain.corp.com but they work fine when do dir
\\linuxserver  The error they get is access denied or logon failure
On XP when you run dir \\linuxserver.mydomain.corp.com
<file://linuxserver.mydomain.corp.com/>  it works, but when they run dir
\\linuxserver   The error they get is access denied.   Both OSes can
ping both names so it is not a resolution message.  The XP error is not
a problem, because we have an app that uses that servers fully qualified
domain name.  The 2000 error is a problem.  The Windows Domain is
running in Native domain on 2003. Any ideas?

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