[Samba] Server cannot share resources

Alain Ginestière aginest at club-internet.fr
Tue Jan 15 21:33:51 GMT 2008

Hi to all of you,

Problem occurs while migrating from Windows XP to Linux.

My very simple home network is composed of 3 equipments :
1) a "Windows XP" PC with no printer,
2) a "Mandriva Linux One" PC (previously Windows XP) having printer,
    configured as a Samba Server using Samba-3.0.25b-4.4mdv2008.0
    for the "Mandriva Linux One 2008.0" distribution,
3) a Netgear router which provides to both PCs ADSL connexion to the
    Web. Netgear router is a DG834GT model, 2.4 GHz, 802.11g.

Previously the PC number 2 (server) was using Windows XP and nicely sharing 
resources. I would appreciate having the same service with Linux/Samba.
For now I haven't. I went threw pages of docs, had a look at all the HOWTOs, 
and the very useful Checklist. Thanks to the latest I discovered that the 
very first step was not OK according to what the "ping" tests were saying :

	from equipment		to equipment		result
	PC no 1				PC no 2 (server)	nok (all lost !)
	PC no 1				router no 3		ok
	PC no 2 (server)		PC no 1			ok
	PC no 2 (server)		router no 3		ok

As far as I understand, it looks like the router doesn't "see" the Samba 
server : it recognizes it's IP address but keeps ignoring (UNKNOWN) it's name 
(should be MSHOME as stated in the "netbios name" parameter of my smb.conf 
file). I get lost...

Any idea please ?
Many thanks

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