[Samba] Somebody HELP (wrong uid in lock database)

Doug VanLeuven roamdad at sonic.net
Thu Jan 31 13:04:20 GMT 2008

Marcel Mulder wrote:
> Hi,
> Two weeks (18-01-2008) ago I posted a message with uid problems in the
> lock database, but none seems to care or understand
> I truly can't understand that I am the only one in the whole world with
> this problem
> I have a "standard" setup of my server running Ubuntu gutsy 7.10 on the
> amd64 platform using winbind (ADS) for authentication
> My feeling is that it has to do with the amd64 version of samba but I am
> not sure.
Nope.  I'm running Suse 10.3-64 on an amd.  By the way, I love this 
system.   45watt BE-2350, low power 1 Terabyte drive,  running 2 Vmware 
machines and all the energy consumed is 49watts using powernow-k8 and 
ondemand frequency control with 80+ power supply and it yields 40MB/s 
samba file transfers on Gigabyte eth.
> Can someone tell me what is needed or what I have to do to get some
> answers or hints.
This may not be it.  But I found nagging little inconsistencies until I 
got the new idmap syntax down perfect for my environment.  This started 
in 3.0.25 according to the docs.  Your smb.conf relies on the defaults 
which would translate out this way, again according to the docs - I use 
a different idmap backend.


	    idmap domains = MICROKEY
	    idmap config MICROKEY:default = yes
	    idmap config MICROKEY:backend = tdb
	    idmap config MICROKEY:range   = 10000 - 20000

	    idmap alloc backend = tdb
	    idmap alloc config:range = 10000 - 20000

I also didn't see any "add user" script.  So if all your users are added 
ahead of time, maybe you should consider using a different backend, like 
idmap_rid or idmap_nss.  I use the idmap_ad backend myself.

Learn something every day.  I didn't know one could use valid users = 
realm\\user syntax, but it works.

Regards, Doug

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