[Samba] Samba shares are case-sensitive in Windows = bad

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Thank you for the quick response. Here are more details:

Linux 64-bit SMP kernel-based Xeon server running Samba 3.0.27
Shares created on the Linux server using Samba to export to Windows 

On the Windows client, access the Samba share.
Create directories called "TEST", "test", "TesT" all in the same 
directory on the Samba share. It is permitted. I do not get any 
notification from Windows that the directory name already exists. The 
new directories get created successfully. I can provide a screenshot if 

If I try to do this on a local Windows hard drive (C:), it of course 
will warn me about the directory name already existing.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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> I am a Samba newbie using 3.0.27 and noticed that Samba allows me to
> create directories in Samba shares on Windows that have the same 
> but different case. For example, "TEST", "tEsT", "test", and "TESt"
> are all permitted directory names in the same path (root directory of
> the Samba share). This seems like a bad thing since Windows itself
> does not allow this with local hard drives.

Linux will allow you to add directories in this way, but not Samba.  If
you try to create a directory as stated above using Samba, you will get
an error from the windows OS that tells you that a directory with that
name already exists.  What exactly is being done to create the 


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