[Samba] Samba shares are case-sensitive in Windows = bad

maillist maillist at emailacs.com
Mon Jan 14 23:32:43 GMT 2008

> I am a Samba newbie using 3.0.27 and noticed that Samba allows me to 
> create directories in Samba shares on Windows that have the same name, 
> but different case. For example, "TEST", "tEsT", "test", and "TESt" 
> are all permitted directory names in the same path (root directory of 
> the Samba share). This seems like a bad thing since Windows itself 
> does not allow this with local hard drives.

Linux will allow you to add directories in this way, but not Samba.  If 
you try to create a directory as stated above using Samba, you will get 
an error from the windows OS that tells you that a directory with that 
name already exists.  What exactly is being done to create the directories?


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