[Samba] GDI Printer problem

Martin Zielinski mz at seh.de
Thu Feb 21 15:33:13 GMT 2008


You can't use a print processor on a samba machine.

When using client<->server printing with windows, the print processor is 
executed on the server (Samba). Because this is not possible (it's a 
windows program), the print processor on Samba is hard-wired to 
"winprint". This means no more than "I can't do anything with your data" 
to the client driver.

Maybe (if your GDI printer does not needed direct communication with the 
driver), you can use Samba/CUPS to spool the data, but you have to 
install your driver locally - as far as the error is caused by the 
missing print processor.

If I remember correctly, this also is mentioned in the Samba HOWTOs.



Dr.Peer-Joachim Koch schrieb:
> Hi,
> we have a new printer here (OKI C5650). It's a GDI printer
> attached to our cups server. I installed the windows driver
> as root on the print share without any problems.
> However it's not working. When a user maps the printer
> only a message appears "printing not possible".
> So I looked at the printserver and compared everything with
> a local printer on my XP notebook and found the following:
> aruba:~ # rpcclient -U'_pkoch%PW' ancona -c 'getprinter C5650 2'
>         drivername:[OKI C5650]
>         printprocessor:[OPHJPP3]     printprocessor:[winprint]
>         attributes:[0xa40]           attributes:[0x1848]
>        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>         WIN XP                          samba
> I used tdbtool to change the printprocessor, but it's
> still not working. How can I change the attributes entry,
> or locate it ?
> Also I found that the printprocessor file seem's NOT to
> be included. On my laptop it's installed under
> Windows\system32\spool\prtprocs\w32x86\ophjpp3.dll
> Can I add this somehow to the driver on the printserver ?
> Any help is welcome !

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