[Samba] GDI Printer problem

Dr.Peer-Joachim Koch pkoch at bgc-jena.mpg.de
Thu Feb 21 14:55:25 GMT 2008


we have a new printer here (OKI C5650). It's a GDI printer
attached to our cups server. I installed the windows driver
as root on the print share without any problems.

However it's not working. When a user maps the printer
only a message appears "printing not possible".

So I looked at the printserver and compared everything with
a local printer on my XP notebook and found the following:

aruba:~ # rpcclient -U'_pkoch%PW' ancona -c 'getprinter C5650 2'
         drivername:[OKI C5650]
         printprocessor:[OPHJPP3]     printprocessor:[winprint]
         attributes:[0xa40]           attributes:[0x1848]
        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
         WIN XP                          samba

I used tdbtool to change the printprocessor, but it's
still not working. How can I change the attributes entry,
or locate it ?

Also I found that the printprocessor file seem's NOT to
be included. On my laptop it's installed under

Can I add this somehow to the driver on the printserver ?

Any help is welcome !

Max-Planck-Institut fuer Biogeochemie
Dr. Peer-Joachim Koch
Hans-Knöll Str.10            Telefon: ++49 3641 57-6705
D-07745 Jena                 Telefax: ++49 3641 57-7705

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