[Samba] Maxtor NAS share problem

Toby Bluhm tkb at midwestinstruments.com
Tue Apr 29 20:34:27 GMT 2008

Rick Johnson wrote:
> Alex Harrington wrote:
>>>> I was talking about saving the Linux filesystem info. Do your rsync
>> to
>>>> the NAS, then do a recursive getfacl,  redirecting the output to a 
>>>> file on the NAS.
>>>> When you do an rsync back from the NAS, correct the owner/perms 
>>>> with setfacl.
>>> Trouble is that I CAN'T do my rsync to the NAS drive because it
>> doesn't
>>> give me the access privileges I need to write to the NAS. The rsync
>>> wants to change owner and the NAS won't let it do that.
>> There are switches to modify that behaviour - -p, -o, -t, -g - and there
>> are aliases (eg -a)that switch combinations of those on or off.
>> What's the exact command line you're using to rsync?
> I was using a command of the form:
> rsync -avz /source /destination
> And if that had worked, I wouldn't have needed to ask this list for 
> any help because ALL I was trying to do was use the NAS as a backup 
> device.
> The permissions, symbolic links, etc. need to be preserved by the 
> rsync so that the files can be restored correctly IF they ever need to 
> be restored.
>> Something like rsync -r /source/ /destination should work, regardless of
>> the permissions, because rsync will write everything as whoever you're
>> logged on as (or whoever the NAS translates that to be).
>> As previously suggested you can then do a recursive getfacl over /source
>> and write the output to /destination. That will create a text file with
>> all your permissions etc included in it so they can be restored by
>> setfacl if required.
> I'm afraid I don't understand what purpose the getfacl or setfacl 
> serves? The files on my system never had any access control lists so 
> how does creating them solve my problem?

Understand that getfacl/setfacl captures/restores all file/dir 
attributes, ACL or not. A saved getfacl output, used as an input to 
setfacl will restore the attributes exactly - ACL or not.

Have you read the man pages on rsync, getfacl, setfacl?

> It seems to me that what I REALLY need is access to the filesystem on 
> the NAS so that I can set appropriate permissions there that will 
> allow the original rsync -avz command to function properly.

Which one is your goal:

1.) Get the rsync/NAS combo to work as you want/expect?
2.) Make reliable backups of your Linux box?

If you say #1 , I think it's obvious you're going to have to manhandle 
the NAS box - install new firmware, hack your way in, get to the insides 
somehow - cause it ain't gonna work as is.

If you say #2 , there's a lot of tools that can that done for you - 
right now.

I think #2 should be your answer.

PS - you could always yank the NAS disks out, install them into your 
Linux box, and make a real server.

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