[Samba] Maxtor NAS share problem

Alex Harrington alex at longhill.org.uk
Wed Apr 30 08:15:45 GMT 2008

>> What's the exact command line you're using to rsync?
> I was using a command of the form:
> rsync -avz /source /destination 

OK the -a in your command line tells rsync to copy file owners,
permissions and groups. Your NAS is not capable of allowing you to
change these things in its current configuration - that is a limitation
of the NAS you bought, not of SAMBA which it is running, or of rsync.

If you need things to work this way, drop the -a and use -r instead.
This will copy your files but they will all be owned by whoever you
connect to the NAS as.

If you need to backup permissions too, you should use getfacl/setfacl to
backup just the permissions of all your files to a single text file -
which you can then write to the NAS.

Failing that, try using something like duplicity to do the job all in
one step...


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