[Samba] Ubuntu 7.10 64 Bit Server Can't Write to Shares

chris lostpkts at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 03:21:22 GMT 2007

I'm working on bringing up a new server and decided to give Ubuntu
7.10 64 bit a try.  I installed it to a vmware instance along with
Samba to test it out before hand while waiting for all the hardware to
show up.

I made my smb.conf file similar to what I have on my Gentoo server
that is working fine.  My goal is to have read only shares for most
users but with ability to write by admins.

This is what I have for my gentoo machine (working). (Just showing the
shares portion.)

        comment = Misc Files and Programs
        path = /shares/files
        valid users = @users
        admin users = @admin
        write list = @admin

With Ubuntu the above doesn't work at all.  Clients can't connect.
Users are added into smbpasswd and are in the 'users' group.  Admins
are in admin.

I followed an Ubuntu wiki on Samba and came up with this.

        comment = Misc Files and Programs
        path = /shares/files
        read only = yes
        create mask = 644
        directory mask = 755
        force user = nobody
        force group = nogroup
        #valid users = @users
        #admin users = @admin
        #write list = @admin

My clients can connect but I had to comment out the lines above to get
it to work.

So I tried this.

        comment = Misc Files and Programs
        path = /shares/files
        create mask = 644
        directory mask = 755
        write list = user1

Again, able to connect, but no joy on writes for user1

I'm not really sure on next steps.  And confused as those options work
fine on my Gentoo install but can't get them working at all on Ubuntu.

Can someone please point me in the write direction?

Thank you

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