[Samba] smbclient timeout?

Julius Junghans julius.junghans at gmx.de
Sun Oct 28 14:51:08 GMT 2007


i can see some systems with the smb kde ioslave (smb:/ in konqueror) that i 
can't connect to even with smbclient, error message is:

timeout connecting to
timeout connecting to
Error connecting to (Die Operation wird bereits ausgeführt)  - 
free translation "operation in progress"
Connection to failed

sometimes ofcoure througb the smb nature the browse list is outdated, but nmap 
tells me that the machine is online?

if i tell samba to be the lmb for this workgroup with:
os level = 255
preferred master = yes

i can see in wireshark that browser election takes place, and the pc in 
question releases the workgroup so that my pc is the new local master 

Any ideas?

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