[Samba] strangest thing with Raid1 and samba

scartomail scartomail at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 17 15:46:22 GMT 2007

Hi everyone, 

I am having the strangest thing on my debian server with raid1 configuration. 
Having it setup so that there are 2 partitions (both raid1) on one disk. 
On the first partition is debian/linux and the second the /home(this is about 270G. 

I am unable to map a share to the second partition. 
The error is just the same as if you create a share and edit a wrong "path =" option. 
Samba log also say's it can't find the directory. 

If I use a directory on the first raid1 partition(MD0, 8G) it has no problems. 
But using the second raid1 partition(MD1, 270G) it seems it can't find it??? 

I even used and absoluut path like /dev/md1/home/share1, but without luck. 

Using raid to protect you're data would be the smartest thing for a file server. 

Any body had this problem? 
If people do not have this problem and it should work I would like to know to. 

Thanks in advance! 

Rgds Edo 

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