[Samba] tdb/tdbutil.c:tdb_chainlock_with_timeout_internal (rev_2)

Pappas, Bill Bill.Pappas at STJUDE.ORG
Fri Oct 19 01:29:37 GMT 2007

>> Yup.  Look at the man page for idmap_ad(8).

Great.  I'll take a look.

Are there any plans to make the timeout more forgiving an upcoming
releases?  If I jump to the latest stable version, will there be any tdb
fixes that address this issue now?

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Pappas, Bill wrote:
>>> What is SJMEMDC15?  The name of your domain?  or DC?  Sounds like
> you are not running Winbind.  If not, then running winbindd should
> reduce contention on access to the secrets.tdb file.
> SJMEMDC is a DC.  I am not using winbind. I want AD (via MSSFU) to
> establish our UIDs and GIDs so that other servers (not samba related)
> can have the same UID/GID mappings.  Is there a way to get winbind to
> use another source to map out UIDs/GIDs?  I used winbind when I ran
> samba 2.x, but I could never get it to use another source to determine
> UIDs/GIDs. It came up with the numbers on its own.

Yup.  Look at the man page for idmap_ad(8).

cheers, jerry

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