[Samba] Problem accessing SWAT with Firefox

Mike Stewart mike at powys-training.co.uk
Tue May 15 15:28:59 GMT 2007

Hi, not sure if I'm posting in the right place but couldn't find a SWAT forum. 

I've just changed my PC but the new one has exactly the same settings (IP, computername, login, password) as the old one, however I am getting an error when I try to access any of my Samba servers from Firefox ( :- 

" 400 Server ErrorSamba is configured to deny access from this client 
Check your "hosts allow" and "hosts deny" options in smb.conf" 

Not sure what's gone wrong, it worked perfectly OK on the old PC, I'm using bookmarks imported to FF from the old PC. I _can_ access all the servers using IE6 ! 

Any ideas ? 




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