[Samba] winbindd tdb cache

Bernd Schubert bschubert at q-leap.de
Tue May 15 16:41:28 GMT 2007


we are running into a problem that winbindd sometimes caches negative
entries into its tdb database. We are still investigating the reason for
However, another question, when winbindd caches an entry into its tdb
database, is there any timeout for those tdb entries? While walking through
the code I don't see any relation between winbindd_cache.c and idmap_tdb.c.
Is winbindd_cache.c only for memory related caching?

If I would like to add a cache timeout to the tdb database, what would be
the best approach?

Thanks in advance,

PS: We are still using samba-3.0.22, and for several reasons also don't want
to update our customer systems.

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