[Samba] Re: Rebuild Samba Server: Do my XP clients need to rejoin domain?

Marco De Vitis starless at spin.it
Thu Mar 29 17:09:34 GMT 2007

On 29/03/2007 18:17, Aaron Souza wrote:

> I would like to upgrade our Fedora Core 3 Linux server (hosting samba,
> among other services) to Cent OS 4.4. However, if I reformat the array
> and install Cent OS 4.4 and copy back all the samba files (and other
> files), do my Windows XP Clients have to re-join the domain? I ask

I do not know Fedora and CentOS, but I performed a similar upgrade 
recently with Samba 3.0.23: I had a PDC running on Debian Sarge, I got a 
new machine and installed Debian Etch on it, then copied all relevant 
system and Samba files, following the migration guides in the official 
docs, and everything went smooth, also with WinXP Professional clients. 
No need to rejoin them.

I suppose the same applies to your situation, as long as you take into 
account any different paths the two distros might use for Samba files.


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