[Samba] Rebuild Samba Server: Do my XP clients need to rejoin domain?

Aaron Souza aaronmsouza at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 16:17:27 GMT 2007


I would like to upgrade our Fedora Core 3 Linux server (hosting samba,
among other services) to Cent OS 4.4. However, if I reformat the array
and install Cent OS 4.4 and copy back all the samba files (and other
files), do my Windows XP Clients have to re-join the domain? I ask
this because I have 150 machines and going to each one and leaving the
domian and rejoining essentially the same domain would be a major time

Has anyone recovered a samba server from a fatal crash (or other
reason) and had any luck with windows xp clients and not having to
go to each client?

Samba Version: 3.0.14

Thanks in advance,

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