[Samba] Invalid Argument ls dir mounted share

Max Kipness max at assuredata.com
Thu Jun 14 11:59:48 GMT 2007

Anyone, please?

Max Kipness wrote:
> I'm using Fedora Core 6 which uses cifs.mount version 1.10. When mounting
> shares from a particular Windows 2003 R2 server, I cannot read certain
> directories. For example, when performing an 'ls' command as follows:
> [root at backup Admin]# ls /share/CORP-SERVER/C\$/Corp/User\ Files/xxx\
> Finacial\ Shared/Admin/Freddie\ Mac/
> ls: reading directory /share/CORP-SERVER/C$/Corp/User Files/xxx Finacial
> Shared/Admin/Freddie Mac/: Invalid argument
> No matter how I try to read this directory 'Freddie Mac' I get the same
> error. I can even CD into the directory, but when doing an 'ls' from
> inside, I get the same error.
> The mount with cifs succeeds fine, no errors. 98% of the directories can
> be read fine, but there are a few that give this error.
> After some testing it seems like the problem has to do possibly with the
> type of files, or characters in the name. In this directory there are many
> .docx files. Also some of the files names have pound signs and some file
> names start with a number. The strange thing is that if I move all files
> except for 47 of the files, I can do the 'ls' from linux. However, if I
> add the 48th file back to this directory I start getting the 'Invalid
> Argument'
> error again. I tested other directories with more than 48 files and never
> get this error, so it has something to do with these files and having more
> than 48. I also moved the files to a different folder, and still had the
> same error reading the new folder contents.
> Anybody have any clue as to what the problem might be? Any tips on what I
> can try to remedy? Anything?
> Thanks,
> Max

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