[Samba] Not seeing the expected group memberships with ifmember.exe /list

Michael Lueck mlueck at lueckdatasystems.com
Fri Jun 1 18:13:40 GMT 2007

We have bumped into a most odd problem.

Debian Etch and their Samba 3.0.24-2

WinXP SP2, MSI v3, all hot fixes

The following settings are in place on the server:
# initGrps.sh

# Map Windows Domain Groups to UNIX groups
net groupmap add ntgroup="Domain Admins" unixgroup=domadmin rid=512 type=d
net groupmap add ntgroup="Domain Users"  unixgroup=domusers rid=513 type=d
net groupmap add ntgroup="Domain Guests" unixgroup=domguest rid=514 type=d

# Create some Domain Groups to administer local security
net groupmap add ntgroup=ntadmins unixgroup=ntadmins type=d
net groupmap add ntgroup=ntpwrusr unixgroup=ntpwrusr type=d
net groupmap add ntgroup=ntusers  unixgroup=ntusers  type=d
net groupmap add ntgroup=ntguests unixgroup=ntguests type=d

When we join the domain, we run roughly the following script:
REM JoinDomain.cmd
NETDOM.EXE JOIN %ComputerName% /Domain:LDS-DEMO /UserD:ldsinst /PasswordD:password

REM Remove domain to local group mapping done by NETDOM
NET LOCALGROUP "Administrators" "LDS-DEMO\Domain Admins" /DEL

REM Add domain to local group mapping
NET LOCALGROUP "Administrators" "LDS-DEMO\ntadmins" /ADD
NET LOCALGROUP "Power Users" "LDS-DEMO\ntpwrusr" /ADD
NET LOCALGROUP "Guests" "LDS-DEMO\ntguests" /ADD

What is specifically missing in "ifmember /list" are:
LDS-DEMO\Domains Admins

We are at least getting membership to:
LDS-DEMO\Domain Users


What steps should we try as we try to track down this case of missing group memberships?

Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

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