[Samba] Can't see more than 8 files? MTU-ish issue?

Ray Anderson rsa at rb-com.com
Wed Jul 25 19:58:55 GMT 2007

Howard Jones wrote:

Does this ring any bells with anyone? The firewalls are Juniper
Netscreens at both ends, for what it's worth. I've had a google around,
and I can't see anything related to packet size or MTUs, which is what
it smells like to me... (presumably the 9th filename ends up in a second
packet, or a certain sized response).

I've seen this type of behavior with a cisco to cisco vpn connection -- 
all workstations are xp, and one out of eight could not 
browse/see/access files on the other end of the vpn.

I used dr. tcpip to change the mtu to 1400, and enable the rwin to 32000 
(or whatever they suggested) and life was good from then on.

Weird, as it was only one machine that was having the issues.

Say thankya to Microsoft for being consistent.  :)

Hope that helps,


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