[Samba] Can't see more than 8 files? MTU-ish issue?

SM sm at resistor.net
Wed Jul 25 15:41:07 GMT 2007

At 04:35 25-07-2007, Howard Jones wrote:
>A colleague is working with a Samba installation where Windows clients
>are accessing the server over a VPN. They are seeing an issue where a
>share is visible, but if a directory contains more than 8 files, they
>get an error.
>The VPN is set to allow everything in both directions. Windows->Window
>sharing does work OK across the link, as do other large file transfers
>(NFS, FTP). The Samba connections work OK locally, and if the firewalls
>are replaced with a router (the two 'sites' were original local for

When you put in a router, you are taking the VPN out of the picture.

>testing), then the problem goes away. However, the firewall policy
>doesn't limit anything (and wouldn't it break Windows too?)

Does that mean that the firewalls are turned off?  The effects of the 
firewall policy may only be noticeable under certain circumstances 
like that one you described about.  Verify the firewall logs to see 
whether anything gets blocked.

>Does this ring any bells with anyone? The firewalls are Juniper
>Netscreens at both ends, for what it's worth. I've had a google around,
>and I can't see anything related to packet size or MTUs, which is what
>it smells like to me... (presumably the 9th filename ends up in a second
>packet, or a certain sized response).

That sounds like a MTU related issue.  The traffic get encapsulated 
as it goes over the VPN and you may see packet fragmentation.


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