[Samba] Samba Limits/Performance with LDAP

Steve Scanavarro steve.scanavarro at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 12:39:34 GMT 2007

Hello everyone.
We have implemented in my company a Samba server authenticating with LDAP.
Everything works fine.
But the problem is, we have about 10k users/logins in the network, that are
allocated in different sectors, which have subsectors, which have
sub-sub-sectors and so on. The access control on the drive shares is based
on their sectors and [sub(sub...)]sectors.
My doubt is, is the Samba's performance be the same if it has to look for a
big (HUGE!) LDAP tree? What is the best way for deploying the LDAP tree to
achieve the fastest Samba access? For example:

1) Multi-Level Tree
sector 1
  |---- subsector1
sector 2
...... and so on

********** OR ***********
2) One Level Tree
sector 1
  |---- user-1 (containing the subsectors and division information as an
  |---- user-n
sector 2
.... and so on

Well, sorry for the big mail, thanks in advance for any help/ideas.



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