[Samba] ridiculous slow gigabit transfer, faster with VNC

Mark Baily mark16829 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 23:30:59 GMT 2007

Problem partially solved..
Using a D-LINK DGE-530T with the syskonnect skge 64-bit driver,
instead of using the inbuilt realtek NIC in the opensolaris box and
now samba works great, 25 sec to copy a 1GB file.

I've heard some other posts where realtek network chips were causing
probs, think I'll stay away from them in the future.

Re ping exchanges, this does indeed show up the differences. Pinging
from the opensolaris to the linux laptop works perfectly with ping
data sizes up to the IPV4 limit (65507). This works with both the
realtek NIC and the dlink NIC.

Pinging from the opensolaris to the win32 desktop the maximum ping
size I can get to work is 1472. As greater size results in 100% packet
loss. This is also with both NIC's.

Anyway I at least have the samba functionality I need. Would be nice
to sort out why the unix machines are fine with each other but
unix<->win32 seems to have much more problems at a basic networking
level. It could indeed be bad drivers etc.


On 7/20/07, Steve Platt <steve.platt at mrc-bsu.cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> Mark,
> It might be worth checking that you can do large ping exchanges between the
> affected systems ... eg in solaris try
>  /usr/sbin/ping -s clientpcname 64000
> This sends several ethernet frames almost "back to back" and can show up
> duplex problems as well as driver/buffering problems (common in PCs).
> Steve

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